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Greatest Chainsaw Sharpener in 2018: Our Best Alternatives Compar

Anyone who utilizes a chainsaw regularly does not have to be told that the sharper your string, the better your chainsaw will reduce. If you make your living with a chainsaw, then you also know that an automated chainsaw sharpener is going to be a wise investment that can allow you to get more for the money from your chainsaw within the span of its natural lifespan. Chainsaw Sharpener

Which automatic chainsaw sharpener is your best?

Check out our reviews of the top automated chainsaw sharpeners, and we are going to give you our professional opinion about which is the very best for your money.

Best Chainsaw Sharpeners - Compared

8 Finest Chainsaw Sharpener - Reviews

  1. Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder

    Price: $315.30

    See Details About Amazon


Let us start off with a look at the Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder. In case you have multiple chainsaws and chains to keep in top working condition, this is the machine to assist you get it done. Designed to be seat mounted on a work table or tool bench, the Oregon 520-120 allows you to handle every stage of string sharpening and maintenance in a single workstation.

It may manage sharpening any chainsaw , including 1/4-inch, ⅜-inch low profile, and 0.325-inch, complete profile ⅜-inch, and .404-inch pitch series too. The incorporated chain vice is self-centering, allowing you to place your dull chain in place, lock it down, and start putting new advantages on the teeth in seconds. The 520-120 also includes a built in dressing brick for smoothing out small sharpening tasks and completing ones that are extensive, and a quick-check grinding template to help you assess just how much sharpening is necessary for your own chain.


In addition you get three grinding wheels that allow you to sharpen any kind of chainsaw blade. Place the right grinder wheel dial in the correct settings utilizing the locking top plate and down angle controller settings and you're ready to go. This saw chain grinder is built for high quantity sharpening work, and saves you money and time both in the area and about the store. Tree surgeons, independent wood workers, and important logging operations stand to benefit most from this fast and effective chainsaw sharpener.

What we liked


    All-in-one chainsaw sharpener that may be utilized to sharpen just about any type of chain

    Locking series Dr holds your string protected while you sharpen

    Grinding angle templates create quick, precise sharpening potential


What we did not enjoy


    Not a cost effective choice for people who don't maintain numerous chainsaws

    Requires 120V AC to run, so it can not be used in the area unless it is seat mounted on a truck using a power inverter

    Steep learning curve for people not familiar with the way to sharpen chainsaw


  1. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

    Cost: $99.99

    See Details About Amazon

We have the CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Sharpener, another bench mount sharpener built to deal with high quantity chainsaw maintenance. CO-Z built a lot of customization in their sharpener, and it's one of the very versatile chainsaw sharpeners in its own class. The grinding angle of this CO-Z ranges from 0-30 degrees with the motor capable of a 0-70 degree angle array. No matter which sort of string you need to sharpen, the CO-Z can take care of the job.

To sharpen the blades onto a saw series, just lay the string throughout the vice with the blades facing up and lock it into place. Turn the manual plate adjustment knob to prepare the correct sharpening angle, fire the machine up and begin placing a new edge on the chain blades. The operation method is simplified enough that anybody can learn to sharpen saw chains quickly and safely using a minimum quantity of training and practice.

Additionally, the CO-Z has a built in work light so you may inspect your handiwork during the procedure. There is also a grinding wheel enclosure that slides right into position because you pull the wheel to the blade, sheltering the user from flying figures and sparks that are thrown through the sharpening process.

The wheel guard also keeps loose clothes or other items from becoming caught in the wheel through operation, making this sharpener much easier to function. Additionally, there are two grinding wheels included, along with the sharpener can easily be configured to handle just about any blade kind on most commercially accessible and industrial grade chainsaws. The CO-Z Chainsaw Sharpener is perfect for busy timber and trimming operations which have to stay multiple saws sharp on a regular basis, or individuals that are looking to be able to put a fresh edge on the saw chain teeth with only a couple of minutes work.

Everything we liked

    Quickly and economically sharpens any type of saw chain blades

    Integrated worklight makes it easier to inspect your work as you go

    Sliding grinder guard protects consumer from flying figures and sparks and prevents outside objects from snagging or catching onto the grinding wheel through performance

What we did not enjoy

    Built to be seat mounted at a workshop instead of used in the field

    Grinding wheel protector must be cleaned out frequently since it disturbs a great deal of filings

    No built-in grinding templates, so you have to manually configure your milling angle for the sort of string you are sharpening


  1. Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop Sharpener

    Price: $127.99

    See Details About Amazon

    You can save 1 percent

Easily among the most popular chainsaw sharpeners on the market, the Timber Tuff CS-BWM could be either bench mounted or wall mounted on your workshop to get quick and accurate sharpening tasks. This specific chainsaw sharpener is built for heavy usage, and both the framework and all operational elements are engineered and built using skilled grade materials. Timber Tuff is a well known name among anybody who works in the wood industry, and their reputation for longevity and durability under the most extreme conditions and heavy use is well recorded

The CS-BWM contains three interchangeable wheels, supplying you with the flexibility sharpen any kind of saw chain which could be brought into your store at any given time. The integrated string vice makes it effortless to set and lock down any size string for sharpening, and the rotating table and also the grinding wheel arm can be angled and secured into position for safe, protected sharpening.

Additionally, the plastic blade grinder shield swings into place to safeguard the operator from flying sparks and small filings ground away from your saw chains teeth. More importantly, in addition, it prevents external interference from loose clothes or other items that may become caught in the wheel during surgery. Not merely is this sharpener and simple dial-in-and-drop machine, but it's also one of the safest chainsaw sharpeners commercially available.

All in all, the best features of this Timber Tuff CS-BWM are its heavy duty construction, flexibility in what kinds of saw chains it can muster, simplicity of design and durability even with heavy use. Countless veterans of the timber sector swear by Timber Tuff and its power tools, and the CS-BWM is a standout performer in regards to keeping your chainsaws in prime working condition.

What we enjoye

    Straightforward design and tough-as-nails materials and construction

    Contains three grinding wheels for maximum versatility

    Integrated worklight and automatic safety guard provide the most secure possible operating conditions

What we didn't enjoy

    Unit is not designed to be portable and is heavy because of high end building materials

    Functions better when wall mounted as opposed to bench/table mounting

    No incorporated milling template manuals


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  1. Oregon 30846 12-Volt Chain Saw Sharpener

    Price: $39.00

    See Details About Amazon

When you work outside in wood country all day, sometimes your saw chain needs sharpening up before you can return to the shop or timber camp. For those events, Oregon makes the 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chainsaw Sharpener. This compact small chainsaw sharpener can help you place a fresh edge on these saw series teeth in almost no time, and it can be run off of a 12-volt vehicle or truck battery using the enclosed terminal clamp kit.

As mobile chainsaw sharpeners proceed, this is undoubtedly one of the best you can buy. It performs well under harsh conditions even after prolonged use, and it comprises two sharpening stones at the box so you may keep your saw teeth sharp with minimal work and down time. The blade guide is flexible to accommodate most kinds of blades, and you can easily and quickly place a new edge in your chainsaw and get right back to work.

Together with the 30846, all you have to do is release your string from your saw, choose it on by your car or truck, and clamp the 12-volt terminals correctly. Adjust the blade manual, hit the power switch, and grind away. No fuss, no fidgeting with controls, just a newly sharpened set of saw teeth with minimal effort.

While ths mobile sharpener may not have the power or flexibility of a bench mounted or wall mounted device, it does save an enormous amount of time when you are on the job and your saw starts to perform poorly because the blades are dull. If anything, this sharpener is a must-have for the truck/jobsite toolbox so you can keep working without interruption.

What we liked

    Portable chainsaw sharpener that may be run from a 12-volt car or truck battery

    Adjustable blade guide for fast, easy sharpening on most saw string blades

    Includes extra sharpening stones for you back on the job faster

What we did not enjoy

    Not quite as powerful or versatile as a AC powered bench/wall mounted device

    Blade guide doesn't work with each kind of chainsaw blades

    can't be run on AC current without an inverter



    Cost: $49.00

    See Details On Amazon

Sometimes, the old ways are still the best ways when it comes to keeping your resources. This sharpener from Stihl requires no power supply: pull it from your tool belt, then drop off the chain the saw, and begin working the blades on this particular hand sharpener.

It is more time consuming than portable electric sharpeners or seat grinders, but it still gets the job done effectively. The tungsten carbide files create fast sharpening rotations simple, and it may be used with any type of chainsaw regardless of depth or angle.

It's important to manage your expectations when it comes to manual chainsaw sharpening solutions such as this one. In the end, it doesn't require electricity or a vehicle adapter, it is lightweight, and it could easily be carried with you on the job. It's a great product for what it is, but don't forget that there are some constraints You're going to have to accept as a trade off for portability

What we enjoyed

    demands no power to use

    Allows total control over the sharpening angle to work at any kind of chainsaw teeth

    Fits easily into your pocket or toolbelt while you're on the work

What we did not enjoy

    Manual sharpening is extremely time consuming

    requires a whole lot of training to get the angle just right when sharpening blades

    Tough in your joints and hands if you only sharpen manually


  1. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chain Sharpener

    Cost: $44.99

    See Details About Amazon

No frills, just functional. That Appears to Be the perfect behind the design of Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener. It's a built-in wheel protector to keep clothing and other foreign objects from the grinding mechanism. Utilize the rotating table to set your angle, then vice versa the string set up, and you're all set to go. No fuss, no muss, only a sharp chainsaw chain ready to get back to work.

Not only is this unit lightweight and user friendly, but it may be mounted into a store vice versa, workbench, wall, or table quickly and easily with the included hardware. Additionally, it runs from 120-volt power, so you don't need to run a special outlet simply to run it. Most popular chain layouts operate flawlessly, and the grinding wheel can easily be adjusted with the built in presets so that you may spend more time sharpening and less time setting up your sharpener.

This sharpener is best for the user that does not possess a higher quantity of chain saws to keep sharp, but also does not need to spend some time manually sharpening their chainsaw blades or paying for somebody else to do it for them. It is compact size and easy to use design definitely lend themselves towards reduced quantity sharpeners who only need to sharpen a blade up sometimes. As long as you set your expectations accordingly, this sharpener is a standout performer that offers an superb cost to value ratio.

Everything we enjoyed

    Compact, easy-to-use, and effective for low-volume sharpening use

    Presets make setting up your sharpener as fast and simple as turning a dial

    String vise locks into position to ensure a stable sharpening coating

What we didn't enjoy

    Looks and feels cheaply made (you do get what you pay for)

    Lots of plastic in the building, not nearly enough high-durability Metallic

    Only includes one grinding wheel


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  1. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Whenever there's no electricity for miles and it's a long walk a back to your car, sometimes you want a good quality chainsaw sharpener that does not require extensive time spent hand filing each blade separately. For all those jobs, Timberline has their own latch-on, hand-crank chainsaw sharpener. You do not even need to drop the chain from the sawall you need to do is use the 3 place vice clamp, lock it on the chainsaw's primary"blade", allow the chain run loose, and then turn the hand crank to move the teeth throughout the sharpener.

No extra gear is necessary, simply turn the grips til the sharpener fits closely, and the sharpener does the rest of the work. Each tooth on the series is sharpened to the exact same specific angle and length, and all with just a couple of rapid turns of the handle. Timberline also includes a sturdy carrying case so you can keep it dry and clean on your toolbag or hang it off your belt when you are out at work.

This sharpener is far from an perfect solution so far as keeping numerous gears in shape, but if you are searching for a professional grade sharpener that's field portable and as easy to carry as a document, this is the chainsaw sharpener for you. No other mobile solution solution works and this unit does with only manual operation.

Education about Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener by -TimberlineSharpener

Sureit can be somewhat tiring to twist the fold, but it beats trying to cut with a chainsaw or waiting until you can trek back to camp or your store to sharpen your blade up. Definitely consider the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener to your on the job toolkit or tool belt, since it's a major time saver which can keep you hard at work more with fewer maintenance interruptions.

What we liked

    Requires no electricity or mobile power source of any sort

    doesn't require you to remove the string from the saw for sharpening

    Hand cranked performance ensures even, professional sharpening on each saw tooth

What we did not enjoy

    Turning the crank enough to sharpen every one the blades is not for the feeble

    Not intended for high volume usage, just field use when you don't have access to an electric sharpener

    Requires a while to install properly for smooth operation


  1. Oregon 511AX Saw Bench Grinder/Sharpener

    Cost: $515.77

    See Details On Amazon

If you're in charge of a wood cutting or logging performance, this really is the chainsaw sharpener you need in the shop or at the camp running on a generator. With its 285-watt engine and 3400 RPM direct drive motor, this baby can take on some serious extended sharpening sessions without so much as batting an eye. No matter what type of string you require sharpened, this is the grinder to perform it.

Drop your chain into the vice versa, lock it in the with the comfy extra large vice control, and dial at the proper angle onto the controllers. As soon as you've your numbers locked in, just drop the grinder arm and start placing fresh advantages on all the saw teeth. The slipping wheel protector keeps foreign objects and debris out, and protects you from sparks and filings that ordinarily go flying as you collect the blades. In addition you get three grinding wheels of varying widths (1/4-inch, ⅛-inch, 3/16-inch) that can be swapped out to work with different angle and pitch sawteeth for industrial grade chainsaw mill.

Overall, if you need a chain saw sharpener that could handle the workload of an industrial wood operation, the Oregon 511AX is going to be the best grinder to your outfit. It has the power, accuracy, and flexibility to generate every sharpening job quickly and simple, and you can keep worker downtime to a minimum while maintaining your chainsaws in optimal condition, too. This is not the ideal option for anyone looking for a starter chainsaw sharpener, but it definitely performs more than adequately in a specialist setting. Anything else, this baby is going to be overkill.

What we liked

    Precise easy-to-use controls for sharpening any type of chainsaw

    Improved security features for use in an expert workshop setting

    Built to handle large amounts of sharpening in an industrial environment where lots of chains require frequent sharpening

What we did not like

    table or table mount just, as this unit is too heavy to be hauled out into the area and operate on a power inverter or small portable generator

    Surely for users That Are familiar with utilizing grinder wheel chainsaw sharpeners

    Vice and grinding guide do not have angle templates (a feature useful for beginners unfamiliar with chainsaw sharpeners)


Final Verdict

If you go to buy a chainsaw sharpener to your workshop or garage, then you probably wish to begin with checking out the Timber Tuff CS-BWM. From our individual research, no other chainsaw sharpener offers as much for your money because the Timber Tuff. It can handle pretty much any kind of chainsaw , it can be mounted into a chair or a wall and it is extremely simple to use even for novices.

Furthermore, as it is backed by Timber Tuff (among the greatest names in the timber and logging sector ), you are aware that it is constructed to last for many years to come. Best of all, the CS-BWM also provides an excellent balance between features, ease of use, and durability. Anyone can quickly sharpen their own chainsaws with minimal effort, and get consistent results every time. Get yourself or your work crew a Timber Tuff CS-BWM, and make boring, malfunctioning chainsaws a thing of the past.